Harga Tiket IIMS 2013

  • VIP & Press Day

    • VIP

      Date: 19th September 2013
      At 11.00 – 17.00 WIB
      Tickets are not for sale. VIP day is open for invitation only.
      Requires VIP & Press day IIMS 2013 invitation.
    • Press Day

      Date: 19th September 2013
      At 11.00 – 17.00 WIB
      Required Press Credentials
      Please contact Credentials office at:
      (021) 31996077ext. 333 or email: rini@dyandra.com
  • Public Show Tickets

    For Public
    Date: 19th September 2013
    At 17.00 – 21.00 WIB
    Price: IDR 100.000,- (One hundred thousand rupiah)

    Date: 20th-29th September 2013
    Weekdays :
    Monday – Thursday : 11.00 – 21.00 WIB
    Weekends :
    Friday – Sunday : 10.00 – 21.00 WIB
    The exhibition is open for public with an admission fee for one person per visit

    Day Price
    Monday to Thursday Rp. 40.000
    (forty thousands rupiah)
    Friday to Sunday Rp. 60.000
    (sixty thousands rupiah)

    * All purchased tickets are eligible for a lucky draw at the end of the exhibition to win some prizes and a car as the grand prize. Free Admission for: < 4 years and > 70 years old
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Theme IIMS 2013

Smart Vehicle Mobility 

With the rapid growth of vehicles occupying the streets in Indonesia, the strategy of fuel-efficient, low-emission mobility becomes a crucial aspect. Smart mobility solution is the most appropriate choice for today’s urban society. With the support from stakeholders, industry players, and private organizations, the government has put a tremendous effort to encourage environmentally friendly lifestyle to the nation, including on the issues of energy efficiency.

Automotive industry as part of the biggest pillars of industry in Indonesia is among the vanguards of those who advocate various environmentally friendly programs. The latest program formulated by the government and the automotive industry is the Low Carbon Emission Program (LCEP). The program, which is planned to be inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia in near future, will be the umbrella for various environmentally programs such as Low Cost Green Car (LCGC), hybrid vehicles, bio-fuel vehicles and electric vehicles.

The campaign of the program has also inspired the select theme for The 21st Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2013. With the same spirit, IIMS 2013 will carry the theme of “Smart Vehicle Mobility” that will act as the basis for the execution of the biggest automotive exhibition in the country.

Smart Strategy: Efficient, Clean, and Affordable

The final objective of this year’s IIMS is to drive the development of smart vehicle mobility that takes into consideration not only the visual comfort and economical affordability of the vehicles but also have reliable energy-efficient technology to enable lower emission produced by the vehicles. “Smart Vehicle Mobility” is the introduction of transportation system with efficiency standard that lessen fuel consumption and reduce over emission.

This year’s IIMS theme will highlight steps taken by Indonesian automotive industry to develop innovative technology. Eco-innovation technology is known as the key solution to reduce vehicles’ fuel consumption and unlock new incentive for the country’s automotive industry to invest in it. Through fuel-efficient and clean technology, we will be able to build future mobility system.

In addition, LCGC is one of today’s most popular programs to public, which is carried out under LCEP umbrella, and has gained full support from major brands and players of the country’s automotive industry. Through the program, vehicles with fuel-efficient technology and affordable price will be a dream come true for Indonesian people. The LCGC program with environmentally-friendly, fuel-efficient, and clean technology and offered with affordable price is the exact depiction of the theme “Smart Vehicle Mobility” carried out by IIMS for its 21st exhibition.

Building the Commitment in 2013 

Building the perception of smart mobility is not an easy case as it requires the understanding to embrace the new way in mobility and choosing a vehicle that is not only comfort to drive but also support better environment sustainability.

Sole agents, as the main actors of the country’s automotive industry are fully aware about this condition. They have developed various technologies to accelerate the development of vehicles with fuel-efficient technology, which is expected to reduce the negative impact to environment, promoting industrial restructuring, and growing new potentially economic growth. And the LCGC program which is initiated and carried out by Indonesian, will be the concrete prove of automotive industry’s concern and active role in leading the way to encourage energy efficient spirit in Indonesia.

To encourage the use of fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles, we need technology aptness as well as commitment from everyone, be it the policy maker, automotive industry, the fuel industry, transportation companies, and the consumers. IIMS 2013 as the pool of information and education about the technology of the latest and best products from the country’s automotive industry will also take part in promoting the similar energy efficient spirit.

With “Smart Vehicle Mobility”, IIMS 2013 will encourage its visitors to commit themselves to choose the smart mobility lifestyle, and through vehicles with LCGC technology exhibited in this year’s exhibition, IIMS 2013 also wants to educate loyal visitors to choose environmentally friendly products. With better understanding and full support from every part of the business, change is no longer just a dream and we will be able to see Indonesia as energy-efficient in fuel consumption and low-emission country.

sumber : http://www.indonesianmotorshow.com/2013/theme.php

Informasi umum IIMS 2013 - Overview


General Information

  • Event Date
    19th-29th September 2013
    19th September 2013 Press & VIP Day (invitation & registered press only)
    20th –29th September 2013 open for public

  • Opening & Press Day
    19th September 2013 (Press Credentials are Required)

  • Public Show
    19th September 2013 (17.00 – 21.00 WIB)
    20th-29th September 2013
    Monday – Thursday : 11.00 – 21.00 WIB
    Friday – Sunday : 10.00 – 21.00 WIB
  • Venue
    Jakarta International Expo
    Gedung Pusat Niaga Arena PRJ Kemayoran
    Jakarta 10620
    Phone : +62 21 26645000
    Web : http://www.jiexpo.com
sumber : http://www.indonesianmotorshow.com/2013/overview.php

peserta iims 2013 - exhibitor list

Exhibitor List

No.Booth NumberCompany NameProduct
1D1PT. Nissan Motor Distributor IndonesiaNissan, Datsun
2D4PT. Astra Daihatsu MotorDaihatsu
3D2PT. Toyota Astra MotorToyota
4D3PT. Honda Prospect MotorHonda
5A1PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia Mazda
6A2PT. GM Autoworld IndonesiaChevrolet
7A3PT. Suzuki Indomobil SalesSuzuki
8A4PT. Motor IndonesiaHyundai
9A5PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian MotorsMitsubishi Motors
10A6PT. TC SubaruSubaru
11A7PT. Ford Motor IndonesiaFord
12B1PT. BMW IndonesiaBMW, Mini
13B2PT. Mercedes Benz IndonesiaMercedes Benz, Smart
14B3PT. Garasindo Inter GlobalChrysler, Jeep & Dodge
15B4PT. Garuda Mataram MotorVW
16B5PT. Garuda Mataram MotorAudi
17C1PT. Kia Indonesia MotorKia Motors
18C3PT. Tata Motor IndonesiaTata
19C4PT. Auto Euro IndonesiaRenault
20C5PT. Astra InternationalPeugeot
Semi Permanent Hall A1
21SP 31PT. Garuda Mataram MotorVolkswagen
22SP 32PT. Antika Jaya UtamaTKD & Envion
23SP 33CV. Sampurna Part NiagaAutovision
24SP 34PT. Sarana Karya MasindoComfort Carpet
25SP 36Kartika JayaPerfections
26SP 37PT. Magna IndonesiaLupromax
27SP 38PT. Radiance Variasi MandiriMurano
28SP 39PT. 3M Indonesia3M Auto Film & 3M Autowrap
29SP 40PT. Rema Tip Top IndonesiaNO DOUBT "Smart Alarm System"
30SP 41PT.Mega Arvia UtamaLenso, MHT, Egois, AR
31SP 42Jaya Kreasi IndonesiaCPF 1
32SP 44PT. V-kool Indo LestariV-kool
33SP 45PT. Elang Perdana Tyre IndustryAccelera & Forceum Radial
34SP 46PT. Hyundai Indonesia MotorHyundai
35SP 47PT. Bahana SelarasBaze
36SP 48PT. Sinar Samudra ServisindoTechindotama
37SP 49Tuff Grid IndonesiaTuff Grid
38SP 50PT. NGK Busi IndonesiaNGK
39SP 51PT. Dunia Marine InternusaGarmin 
40SP 52Sukses Auto SupplierFalcon-NS, Fitt, Cruiser, Top Up
Semi Permanent Hall A2
41SP 1PT. Gemasuara AdhitamaPioneer
42SP 2RPM AudioFlux, Mosconi, STP, Audio System
43SP 3PT. Simindo Berkat Pratama3D Car Mat
44SP 4PT. Broquet IndonesiaBRQ (Broquet)
45SP 5PT. Anugrah ProtecindoZiebart
46SP 6PT. Astra Otoparts TBKGS Astra, KYB, aspira
47SP 7PT. Panca Jaya SetiaHeshbon / Cemb
48SP 8Jongka IndonesiaARR 
49SP 9PT. Huper Optik JermindoHuper Optik
50SP 10, SP 11PT. Bridgeston Tire IndonesiaBridgestone
51SP 12PT. Berkat Audio Perkasa JayaSony
52SP 13PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana TBK.Achilles
53SP 14PT. Gobig Alca NessaSkeleton
54SP 15PT. Intersis Sejahtera AbadiAVT
55SP 16PT. Multi MayakaAlpine
56SP 17PT.  Audio WorkshopCar Audio
57SP 18Sumber Sejahtera AudiotamaVenom Car Audio
58SP 19PT. Kramat MotorK-NAV
59SP 20Sun Gard Indo muliaSun Gard Window Films
60SP 21ADR Group of CompaniesSakura Filter, ADR Radiator
61SP 22PT. Sharp Electronics IndonesiaSharp
62SP 23PT. Perdana Utama SejahteraHofmann
63SP 24PT. Eka Karya Mandiri TeknikAutoboss & Autologic
64SP 25Mr. JackieMr. Jackie
Semi Permanent Hall B
65SC 1, SC 2PT. SC Johnson & Son IndonesiaKit and Glade
66SC 3Kartika JayaPerfect Gard
67SC 4CV. Sampurna Part NiagaIkano
68SC 5UD KMRKido Racing
69SC 6, SC 7, SC 8PT. Laris ChandraTurtle Wax Ice
70SC 9, 10DVT
71SC 11PT. Tata Berlian MandiriSekuto
72SC 12CV. Sinar Baja ElectricLegacy Car Speaker & SB Accoustic
73SC 13,  SC 14Altama Surya ArsaWD 40 & Tekiro
74SC 15PT. Indo Global Prima SolusiPT. Indo Global Prima Solusi
75SC 16, SC 17PT. Mitra Niaga NusatamaAion Plas Chamois
76SC 18, SC 19PT. Makko Raya Cemerlang Masterpiece
77SC 20Panacellpanacell.Eurocell,Securiguard
78SC 21, SC 56PT. Alvenjo AutosportV Octane Power & Clean
79SC 22PT. Sinar ContinentalRegency
80SC 23AutomodelsRIM, Autopart, etc
81SC 24PD LanggengCRC
82SC 25, SC 26, SC 27, 52PT. Dunia RayaToyomoto
83SC 28CV. Trinity MotorindoAutomagic
84SC 29, SC 48PT. Wahana Abdi Tirtatehnika SejatiSuper Fuel
85SC 30, SC 31PT. Inovasindo SetiatamaEvolution
86SC 32-33, SC 44-45, SC 68-69Prestige Image MotorcarsPrestige
87SC 34, SC 43PT. Bando IndonesiaBando
88SC 35 - SC 42PT. Sumber BerkatBendix, Auto Track, dll
89SC 46, SC 47Persatuan Penyandang Cacat IndonesiaPPCI
90SC 49PT. Readboy IndonesiaReadboy Elektronik 
91SC 50SuperpringSuperpring GPS
92SC 51Ar.t SolutionPikir Mikir
93SC 53, SC 54, SC 55MilprimsQalua
94SC 57, SC 58Dynamic AutoK&N
95SC 59, SC 60PT. Aprilindo SentosaJohnbean, Bishamon, Saima
96SC 61, SC 62Kartika JayaExcellent
97SC 63Panca MitraCaterpillar, Jeep, dll
98SC 64Kiki Rotari MotorCar Audio
99SC 65Beringin LuasBailian
100SC 66, SC 67V2V2
101SC 70PT. Ambassador Prima LestariAclass
102SC 71PT. SangrungAorto Lock
103SC 72, SC 73Mega Top FilmMega Top Film
104SC 74, SC 75ValenValen
105SC 76UniversitasUniversitas
106SC 77UniversitasUniversitas
107SC 78PT. Golden Citra DinamikaQmax
108SC 79PT. Xado Indonesia AminXado Chemical Group
109SC 80Holomoc IndonesiaHolomoc Indonesia
110sc 81PT. Menara Lestari BersamaCNC
111SC 82PT. Mitra Buana Internasional LogistindoAir Tools
112SC 83AdvanceAdvance
113SC 84, SC 85Dua Lima AutoworkCS II
114SC 86Orient CenterOrient
115SC 87Toys KingdomToys Kingdom
116SC 88PD MaximasT-Max Winch & Runva Winch
117SC 89Proxima CentreProxima
118SC 90, SC 91, SC 92PT. Auto PerformaHurricane
119SC 93, SC 128PT. Unimax PowerNano Energizer
120SC 94Han's Hobbies CollectionMaisio, Fov, Cat, dll
121SC 95, SC 96, SC 125, SC 126Eclips Securindo FilmsSecurex
122SC 97, SC 124PT. Indosarana LokapratamaSeiken Brake Fluid & Coolant
123SC 98, SC 99, SC 122, SC 123 Mega KarpetTotal Synthetic Leather
124SC 100, SC 120, SC 121CV. MastekindoCello
125SC 101PT. Putra Blessindo SejahteraBluen
126SC 102 - SC 105, SC 116 - SC 119 PT. Denso Sales IndonesiaDenso
127SC 106, SC 115PT. Buana Mas PrestasiMcCulloch & Perma Glass
128SC 107 - 114Yayasan Dharma Bhakti AstraYayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra
129SC 127Somboon Advance Technology Public Company Ltd.Somboon Advance Technology Public Company Ltd.
130SC 129 - SC 132PT. Sato Sara SemestaSato
131SC 133 - SC 136PT. Sinar Cahaya SentosaEagle Eyes
133SC 138CarrefourCarrefour
134SC 141, SC 142PT. Pola LubindoLucas Oil
135SC 143PT. Yu Won LCDYucom
136SC 144, SC 145, SC 146Kementerian Perindustrian IndonesiaKementerian Perindustrian Indonesia
137SC 147 - SC 150PT. Tarakusuma IndahINK, KYT, MDS, BMC, AGV
138SC 151Trend WoodStaark Scents
139SC 152PT. Wiraswasta Gemilang IndonesiaEvalube
140SC 153 - SC 156High Tech Lubricants AP Pte LtdMotul
141SC 157, SC 158, SC 159PT. Autogas IndonesiaPT. Autogas Indonesia
142SC 160PT. Makko Raya Cemerlang O2
143SC 161PT. Ambassador Prima LestariBlakleder Genuine Leather
144SC 162, SC 163, SC 164PT. Rukun Sejahtera TeknikJTC & Stahlwille
145SC 165PT. Sentra Oto TeknikCorgi
146SC 166, SC 167, SC 192, SC 193PT . Agung Poly NugrahaAP-Force
147SC 168, SC 169, SC 190, SC 191PT. Jillbert Kreasindo KurniaAuto Glaze & Autokit
148SC 170Mobilmotor MagazineMobilmotor Magazine
149SC 171AirporteveAirporteve
150SC 172AutostereoAutostereo
151SC 173 - SC 175, SC 184 - SC 186PT. Sumber LimasindoAvix
152SC 176 - SC 183PT. Optima InterlinkClarion
153SC 187GegerGeger
154SC 188, SC 189PT. Inovasindo SetiatamaGartner Car Lighting
155SC 194, SC 195PT. Mobil Satu Asiawww.mobil123.com
156SC 196AscomaxxAscomaxx
157SC 197National GeographicNational Geographic
158SC 198ShimbunShimbun
159SC 199Anugerah DieselDizzo
160SC 200Viva.co.idViva.co.id
161SC 201PT. Alifia Citra MultimediaMajalah Modifikasi
162SC 202SamafitroSamafitro
163SC 203Be My BeanBe My Bean
164SC 204PT. Supra Sarana MandiriMobillaku
165SC 205PT. Indonesia News Centerww.inilah.com
166SC 206PT. Tempo Inti MediaTempo
167SC 207Venue MagazineVenue 
168SC 208Bloomberg Businessweek IndonesiaBloomberg Businessweek 
169SC 209Femina GroupFemina Group
170SC 210PT. Eramedia InformasiGATRA, CARS PLUS, gatra.com
171SC 211 - SC 215PT. Meta Dwiguna TranscorpPiaggio - Vespa
175PA4Dapur PacuDapur Pacu
176PA5Blue BirdBlue Bird
180PA10IIMS MerchandiseIIMS Merchandise
184PD 1PT. Solar Guard IndonesiaSolar Guard
185PD 2PT. Polystar InternationalMB Tech
186PD 3Jaya Kreasi IndonesiaLlumar
187PD 4PT. Supermoto IndonesiaDucati
188PD 5aKompas GramediaKompas
189PD 5bOtomotif GrupOG
190PD 6PT. Anugerah BerkahIvan's Motor
191PD 7PT. FCC IndonesiaClutch 2 W & Clutch 4 W
Outdoor Hall
192OD1PT. Tata Motor IndonesiaTata
193OD2PT. Gaya Makmur MobilFAW
194OD3Foton MobilindoFoton
195OD4PT. Intraco Penta WahanaSinotruk
196OD5PT. Duta Putera SumateraMAN Trucks
197OD6PT. Toyota Astra MotorDyna
198OD7PT. Hino Motors Sales IndonesiaHino
199OD8PT. Isuzu Astra Motor IndonesiaIsuzu
200OD9PT. Astra Multi Trucks Indonesia UD Trucks
201OD10PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian MotorsFuso
202OD11PT. Proton Edar IndonesiaProton
203OD12CV. LaksanaLaksana Bus & Coach
204OD14PT. Xarrina Motor IndonesiaZNA (Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile)
205OD15PT. Hasta International MachineryPT. Hasta International Machinery
206OD16Oscar MasOscar Mas
Selasar Hall
208Selasar 1PT. Gajah TunggalGT Radial
209Selasar 2PT Pertamina (Persero)Pertamina
215S3Raja MobilRaja Mobil
217S5Bisnis IndonesiaBisnis Indonesia
219S7Berita SatuBerita Satu
222SD3PT. Telekomunikasi SelularTELKOMSEL
224SD5Yayasan Jantung IndonesiaYayasan Jantung Indonesia

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