Theme IIMS 2013

Smart Vehicle Mobility 

With the rapid growth of vehicles occupying the streets in Indonesia, the strategy of fuel-efficient, low-emission mobility becomes a crucial aspect. Smart mobility solution is the most appropriate choice for today’s urban society. With the support from stakeholders, industry players, and private organizations, the government has put a tremendous effort to encourage environmentally friendly lifestyle to the nation, including on the issues of energy efficiency.

Automotive industry as part of the biggest pillars of industry in Indonesia is among the vanguards of those who advocate various environmentally friendly programs. The latest program formulated by the government and the automotive industry is the Low Carbon Emission Program (LCEP). The program, which is planned to be inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia in near future, will be the umbrella for various environmentally programs such as Low Cost Green Car (LCGC), hybrid vehicles, bio-fuel vehicles and electric vehicles.

The campaign of the program has also inspired the select theme for The 21st Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2013. With the same spirit, IIMS 2013 will carry the theme of “Smart Vehicle Mobility” that will act as the basis for the execution of the biggest automotive exhibition in the country.

Smart Strategy: Efficient, Clean, and Affordable

The final objective of this year’s IIMS is to drive the development of smart vehicle mobility that takes into consideration not only the visual comfort and economical affordability of the vehicles but also have reliable energy-efficient technology to enable lower emission produced by the vehicles. “Smart Vehicle Mobility” is the introduction of transportation system with efficiency standard that lessen fuel consumption and reduce over emission.

This year’s IIMS theme will highlight steps taken by Indonesian automotive industry to develop innovative technology. Eco-innovation technology is known as the key solution to reduce vehicles’ fuel consumption and unlock new incentive for the country’s automotive industry to invest in it. Through fuel-efficient and clean technology, we will be able to build future mobility system.

In addition, LCGC is one of today’s most popular programs to public, which is carried out under LCEP umbrella, and has gained full support from major brands and players of the country’s automotive industry. Through the program, vehicles with fuel-efficient technology and affordable price will be a dream come true for Indonesian people. The LCGC program with environmentally-friendly, fuel-efficient, and clean technology and offered with affordable price is the exact depiction of the theme “Smart Vehicle Mobility” carried out by IIMS for its 21st exhibition.

Building the Commitment in 2013 

Building the perception of smart mobility is not an easy case as it requires the understanding to embrace the new way in mobility and choosing a vehicle that is not only comfort to drive but also support better environment sustainability.

Sole agents, as the main actors of the country’s automotive industry are fully aware about this condition. They have developed various technologies to accelerate the development of vehicles with fuel-efficient technology, which is expected to reduce the negative impact to environment, promoting industrial restructuring, and growing new potentially economic growth. And the LCGC program which is initiated and carried out by Indonesian, will be the concrete prove of automotive industry’s concern and active role in leading the way to encourage energy efficient spirit in Indonesia.

To encourage the use of fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles, we need technology aptness as well as commitment from everyone, be it the policy maker, automotive industry, the fuel industry, transportation companies, and the consumers. IIMS 2013 as the pool of information and education about the technology of the latest and best products from the country’s automotive industry will also take part in promoting the similar energy efficient spirit.

With “Smart Vehicle Mobility”, IIMS 2013 will encourage its visitors to commit themselves to choose the smart mobility lifestyle, and through vehicles with LCGC technology exhibited in this year’s exhibition, IIMS 2013 also wants to educate loyal visitors to choose environmentally friendly products. With better understanding and full support from every part of the business, change is no longer just a dream and we will be able to see Indonesia as energy-efficient in fuel consumption and low-emission country.

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